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Beloit College Overnight Stay Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: This form only gives a student permission to stay overnight at Beloit College. It does not register a student for a campus visit or event. Do not complete this form until after you have requested a visit online or by phone.

This release form, and agreement to the policies detailed herein, is required for all visiting students staying overnight at Beloit College.

Beloit College Overnight Stay Agreement & Release Form
Dear Prospective Student & Family,

Welcome to Beloit College! As an overnight visitor you will have the opportunity to experience the life of a Beloit student. We hope experiencing our community will be an informative and enjoyable step in your college search process.  
Student Information
Date of Overnight

Parent/Guardian Information
The parent/guardian signature is not required for students 18 years or older.
In making your visit enjoyable and informative, please note the following:
Beloit College Code of Conduct: Members of the Beloit community are expected to maintain standards of conduct mature, inclusive and responsible citizens in an academic community reflecting the purposes of the College.  All visitors and prospective students of Beloit College are held to these standards and are expected to exhibit these values in their personal behavior while on campus.  Failure to do so may result in rescinding offer of admission to Beloit College.  

Permission for Emergency Treatment: I understand that a staff member or representative of the College will attempt to contact the parent, guardian in case of illness or injury.  I understand that I am responsible for any charges incurred.  

Waiver and Release of Liability: Prospective student and parent acknowledge that the prospective student will stay overnight in student housing on Beloit's campus.  We agree that the college is not in any way liable or responsible for any injury, damage or loss sustained by Prospective Student, parent, the college or any third party as a result of of Prospective Student's failure to comply with the college's code of conduct or Prospective Student's own negligent or intentional acts.  We hereby waive and release all claims and causes or action against the college with respect to or arising of any death, injury or loss of any nature whatsoever that may be suffered by Prospective Student and/or any parent in connection with or arising from Prospective Student's negligent or intentional acts.  
Acknowledgement of Understanding
I have read this and fully understand its terms.  I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend my signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent.