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Beloit College Overnight Stay Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: This form only gives a student permission to stay overnight at Beloit College. It does not register a student for a campus visit or event. Do not complete this form until after you have requested a visit online or by phone.

This release form, and agreement to the policies detailed herein, is required for all visiting students staying overnight at Beloit College.

Student Information
Date of Overnight

Parent /Guardian Information
Student Agreement
Dear Visiting Student,

Welcome to Beloit College! As an overnight visitor you will have the opportunity to experience the life of a Beloit student living in a residential hall. We hope experiencing our community will be valuable to you as you chose what school to attend.

As a guest at Beloit College, you are required to follow the same rules and regulations that current students are required to abide by. We ask that above all you not only enjoy your visit here, but act like an adult while doing so.

To assist in making your visit the most enjoyable and informative, please note the following: 

-- Although Beloit College has agreed to host you overnight as a visiting student, neither the Admissions staff nor any other college personnel will supervise you during the visit. We expect you to practice good citizenship, be responsible and use your best judgment while visiting.

-- The Office of Admissions focuses on matching visiting students with overnight hosts that have similar interests.

-- Please respect both the personal property and time of your overnight host. This includes his or her time for sleep, study, and class/activities.

-- We recommend that visiting students plan ahead for things they want to see or do. Make sure to communicate these plans to your overnight host so they can assist you in maximizing your exposure to Beloit College. For your comfort, please bring a sleeping bag, pillow and towel.

-- Beloit students are active both in and out of the classroom and have busy schedules. Visiting students should bring homework or reading material with them and respect that their host may have homework to get done as well.

-- Visiting students should not leave campus in any vehicle that is not their own, including Student Activities operated shuttles.

-- Up to three meals, except for Sunday dinner, will be provided during the visiting students’ stay.

-- Inappropriate or illegal behavior on the part of a visiting students on campus may impact their admission status.

-- All visitors, no matter their age, are expected to refrain from consuming alcohol while they are visiting Beloit College.
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Agreement
The parent/guardian signature is not required for students 18 years or older.
Dear Parent/Guardian:

Please review and indicate your agreement by checking the box below.

I give permission for my child named above to stay overnight at Beloit College. If I cannot be reached in the event of an emergency, I, the undersigned parent or guardian of the above named child, do hereby authorize a representative of Beloit College to consent to any medical treatment or care deemed necessary. I understand that Beloit College staff will not be supervising my child during their visit, and that my child is responsible for all conduct and decisions made during his or her visit.

In consideration of my child’s visit, I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Beloit College, its agents, employees, trustees, directors and officers, for and against any and all liability and responsibility for any claim or cause of action, including claims based on negligence on account of any personal injury, accident, damage, expenses, or other loss caused, suffered or incurred by my child or any other person/entity during, arising out of or in any way associated with my child’s visit to Beloit College.
Parent/Guardian Signature